Villages are the
Backbone of India

The fruits of 4.0 revolution should reach every village.

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Project Mahatma - Phase 1

Mission: Focus will be on empowering youth in villages to use their time productively and adopt best practices in the following areas.

Agriculture 4.0

Bringing latest innovations in agriculture, powered by 4.0 technologies, to farmers for maximizing the yield and quality of crops.

Management 4.0

Sharing best management practices to effectively market their agri-products and other products developed in their village, along with providing necessary tools and platforms to maximise their benefits.

Education 4.0

Raising awareness on the abundant opportunities with 4.0. Developing the necessary skills and knowledge in Technology 4.0, Management 4.0 and Entrepreneurship 4.0
* Go through India 4.0 - Dr. APJ Project

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