Experiences of New Joinees through JGC/OTG Programs

We announced a unique, human-centric training & selection process - Job Growth Cycle (JGC) and On The Go Model (OTG).

We provide end-to-end support to individuals to maximize their chances of selection, ranging from building a strong resume to powerful frameworks.

Hiring from all the 28 States & 8 Union Territories

We have been offering hundreds of jobs with our JGC & OTG programs.
Here are some of the experiences of those people.

JGC is an extraordinary program and it brought a lot of transformation in me. After the training on Task Framework, I overcame procrastination and learnt to plan properly. I learnt to present my views effectively through videos. Programs like these are essential for lots of people who are in need of a job, especially in this pandemic.

Krishnaveni Chundru
Full Time, JGC

Through JGC, I got a job in iB Hubs. I’m really grateful for this opportunity. Getting a job is difficult nowadays. Everyone is struggling due to lack of skills required for job, including me. JGC showed me the path to develop myself with new skills required to get a job. I'm happy that, along with my growth, I can contribute to India's progress.

Sai Karthik Bolla
Full Time, OTG

JGC has paved a path by creating a good opportunity for people who are in dilemma in their career and I am one among them. Today, the way I completed Assignment A very quickly, is only because of the support given by iB Hubs team. I want to give my best efforts until Project India 4.0 is a great success. Thanks to everyone who is part of iB Hubs.

Ninisha Botche
Part Time, JGC

Previously, I couldn’t clear 10 interviews in the final round. It became difficult for me to find a job. With JGC, I improved myself a lot. It helped me break my resistances and progress faster. I learnt how to plan and execute using Task Framework, make better decisions, etc. I’m very much thankful to JGC for helping me to get a job at iB Hubs.

Full Time, OTG

Initially, I was not interested in the JGC program because of my past experience and prejudices. Once the sessions started, I was inspired by the vision of NxtWave. Every session was amazing and helped me in my personal growth. I received step by step support and guidance to complete my assignments. My sincere thanks to NxtWave's committed and trustworthy team.

G. Mahesh Nath Reddy
Full Time, JGC

The knowledge and support that iB Hubs and NxtWave gave me through the trainings helped me a lot to become a better individual both personally and professionally. I would like to show my gratitude by making more people know about the value that the company is creating. I'll give my complete support in achieving the India 4.0 Project. I believe in the slogan "You Progress The Nation Follows".

Sirasapalli Joshua Johnson
Part Time, OTG

After my B.Tech, I was in a dilemma about my career. JGC was as a big boon for me. With the assignments, I could go beyond my comfort zones, break my resistances and take up responsibilities. I realised that learning and earning by doing good things gives great satisfaction. I thank iB Hubs and NxtWave for making me a part of project India 4.0.

Boyilla Keziya
Full Time, JGC

I got inspired by the projects which iB Hubs is working on. During JGC, I improved my presentation skills a lot while doing video assignments. Task Framework helped me in completing all the assignments successfully. With advanced tools like Task Flow 4.0, I am able to do tasks in a structured way.

Shaik Shajid
Part Time, OTG

Joining JGC is the best decision I have ever made. Within a few days of my journey with JGC, I started to believe in dreaming big. My vision and self-image got enhanced. I believe JGC is the best platform to begin your career with.

Pilla Lalith Ashok
Full Time, JGC

With JGC, I got a good opportunity. I gained a lot of confidence and strongly believed that this is the right platform to showcase my skills and reach my potential. Task Framework helped me a lot, not just at work, but in every task I do in my personal life too. Thanks to iB Hubs and NxtWave for giving such a good platform.

Narender Reddy Ranabothu
Part Time, OTG

During assignments, I mainly focused on Project India 4.0 - Dr. APJ. I went to 5 Govt. schools and directly spoke to the headmasters and explained to them about 4.0 revolution and the mission India 4.0. From all 5 Govt. schools, 20 backward students joined the project Dr. APJ. Their parents also felt very happy. Seeing that, I felt that it was an achievement for me. Thank you iB Hubs.

Pulletikurthi HVS Viswanadh
Full Time, JGC

When I joined in JGC, they told me about mindset. I felt strange about why they were telling about mindset. But because of their mindset training, I was able to get a job and become a part of iB Hubs. My friends, who studied along with me, are still trying to get a job. Thank you iB Hubs.

Shaik Shireen Naaz
Full Time, OTG

Through JGC, I improved my business development skills and realised that a good attitude is important than skills and intelligence. In every session, you people made me realize that I can complete every task and filled me with confidence. So, now I can give my 100% effort to complete tasks in our India 4.0 project. Thank you iB Hubs and NxtWave.

Donga  Saiteja
Full Time, OTG

After graduation, I worked in a software company where I faced some issues. There was no career growth because of my poor skills and mindset. So I quit my job. Later, upon my relative's suggestion, I joined in OTG and CCBP. Because of the training, I changed my mindset and improved my skills. Finally, I got a job in iB Hubs. Thank you iB Hubs.

Yerramsetti Manikanta
Full Time, OTG

JGC is a great opportunity for all job-seeking candidates. All the trainings are transparent, keen, and easily understandable. I see a tremendous change in my career. Especially, the end-to-end support motivated me to complete all the tasks successfully. I was able to secure a job in a very short period. Thank you so much iB Hubs for such a great opportunity.

Hasavathu Aswini
Full Time, OTG
and many more...
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