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Webinar on 4.0 Revolution and The Opportunities with CCBP 4.0
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I’m Rahul Attuluri, CEO of NxtWave Disruptive Technologies.

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between industry & academia by rapidly building industry-relevant skills in people, and connecting them with 21st-century jobs.

We're proud to announce that even during this global crisis, we’ve made 10,000+ jobs available for you to join quickly.

For those who are already eligible for these jobs, apply for the interview right away.

For those in need of a job but are not job-ready yet, our On The Go model rapidly trains you to get a job in just 6-10 weeks, and supports you in continued learning for your career growth.

For students, working professionals, or those not in immediate need of a job, build industry-ready skills early on with our structured CCBP 4.0 program, to land a high-paying job.

We’re extremely thankful to iB Hubs for its continuous support and mentorship throughout.

Wishing you tremendous success in your career!

Rahul Attuluri
CEO, NxtWave

10,000+ management jobs available for you to join quickly

We have made job opportunities at fast-paced companies and high-growth startups available for you. To identify your perfect fit, it is important to understand the vision, culture, scope for career growth, and think clearly about why you want to join the company.

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Become Industry-Ready with NxtWave’s Structured Programs

We train candidates in 21st Century Mindset Essentials and Domain Skills before connecting them to companies. With our training, you’ll build all the necessary skills for an accelerated career growth wherever you join.

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Hire from NxtWave for highly skilled talent who are the right culture-fit for your fast-paced company.

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